Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Osprey wobblers-(75-87mm) 3-3.5in. High darting action wobbler Pg4

wobbler LF75B
LF75B Popper wobbler

Holes on the gills generates a high volume of bubbles.
Body length:75mm/3in , Overall:110mm/4.3in. wt:10g/0.4oz. hooks: 2 x #6

LM75M-Water devil wobbler
LM75M-Water devil wobbler below surface skimmer
Body length: 3.0in/75mm. Wt:8.5g/0.30oz,
Hook: 1 x #8 Dive to :1.5mtr/5ft below surface  
Special wide deep scoop square lip -High wobbling action

Jack knife Diving wobbler- LD85.

Halo-graphic finish with etched lateral line and  3D eyes
Body length: 85mm(3.4in). Wt:18.5g/0.65oz               
Overall length including lip+hook : 160mm(6.3in)
Hook size::#4 treble. Max dive depth.7-8 ft .
Loud rattling noise

wobbler LM82
LM82- Silver fish wobbler
Just below
Surface swimmer.Swim with a darting action.
 Body length: 3.3in/82mm.Wt:8g/0.30oz , Hook: 2 x #6
Dive to :1mtr/3.5ft below surface

LM82N-Darting minnow wobbler
LM82N-Darting minnow wobbler
Just below surface swimmer. Swim with a darting action.
Body length: 3.3in/82mm. Wt:6.5g/0.25oz,Hook: 2 x #6
Dive to :1m below surface

Slicker LD87Ewobbler,
A mid level to bottom diver: Weight: 22g/0.8oz.
Body length: 87mm,/3.5in,
Overall length:142mm/5.6in,

 Wobblers comes with 2 interchange lips
and packed in a plastic box.
 LM197-1:85mm,16.5g dive depth:1.2-2m

to increase diving depth to 2.5-3mtrs use the Round lip

Osprey Crankbaits-  80mm crankbait diving up to 4mtrs deep


Body length:80mm,
 Swim action: Dive to 3~4.0m

LD 75. Salamander wobbler
LD 75
. Salamander
 Double split body has a special angled joint, 
  Body Length:75mm/3.0in,Overall length:90mm, Wt:11g/0.4oz. 

wobbler LM80Wiggler LM80.  
Body length: 80mm(3.2in).Wt:7.2g/0.25oz    
Overall length including lip +hook,120mm(4.7in)
Mid- level swimmer. Hook size::#8 treble
Swim Action: Just below water surface

LM85:Sidewinder wobbler
Body length: 85mm(3.4in). Wt:11.0g/0.40oz
Overall length including lip+hook : 112mm(4.4in)
.  The special V slot creates water turbulence+ clapping noise Swim from surface to around 10ft below surface
LM85S-Baitfish wobbler
LM85S-Baitfish wobbler
Body length: 85mm(3.4in)  Wt:18.5g/0.7oz
Overall length including lip+hook:128mm(4.6in)
 Swim action:Mid level swimmer 2.5 to 3.5m
 Hook: 2 x #4, Fast Diver,

 .Osprey choker: LF89 
.Choker: LF86 
Body length: 86mm , wt: 12g/0.4oz.
. High back Wiggling floater.
 Overall  length: 95mm/3.8in,  x 12g/0.45oz

Perch crabkbaits: LM803 
Body length: 80mm , wt: 12g/0.4oz.
 Hooks 2 x #6. Dives to a depth of 2-4mtr
Loud clapping noise when diving.

Deep diving crankbaits- Crankbait dives up to 6mtr

Body length:75mm,
 Swim action: Dive to 5~6.0m

 LD75N- Duckbil wobbler
LD75N- Duckbil  Diver.
 Body length: 3.0in/75mm. Wt:11.5g/0.4oz.
Hook: 2 x #6.  Dive to :3mtr/10ft below surface
Long and large lip- for a quick diving action..

 LF80F Puffy wobbler
LF80F Puffy wobbler
Slots from the popper's side gill generates a high volume of bubbles when retrieved. Body length:80mm/3.2in
 Supplied either with/without feather teaser
Overall length:110mm/4.4in. Wt:15g/0.5oz
 Hooks: #7 and #4 Loud rattler noise

wobbler LM80s
LM80S: Gobbie wobbler

Length;80mm/3.2in wt:13.5g hooks:#6 x 2 . From surface to just below water surface

LF80- Tadpole Wobbler
Surface swimmer, without a rudder lip, wobbler darts upward when retrieved, Wt:9g/0.3oz, Hooks: 2 x #6
Body length:80mm/3.2in, Overall length:110mm/4.3in. 

LF85-1 whipper WObbler
Surface swimmer, without a rudder lip, wobbler darts upward when retrieved, Wt:23.5/0.9oz, Hooks: 2 x #6. Dive depth:3-6m
Body length:80mm/3.2in, Overall length:110mm/4.3in. 

crank baits top level swimmmer
Skimmer   LF87.

Skimmer--.Prismatic scales with etched lateral line
and  3D eyes
Body length: 87mm(3.5in) . 
Overall length including lip : 112mm(4.4in)
g/0.62oz   Hook size::#6 treble
Line test:10-12 lbs.  
Superb a aqua-dynamic body. The slightest rod movement will make the lure slides
 to a max of 3ft below water surface. And swims back to the water surface..

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