Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Osprey has a range of hard and soft keeper box and pouch for soft lures and hard bait.
Sabiki rig storage and keeper.

Hard keeper boxes for baits
AC30: crankbaits & squid jig keeper box
 Size: Length    width   depth
          200 x     65 x    38mm
         160 x      50 x    30mm
          138 x     50  x  30mm  
           85 x     45   x  25mm

spinners and soons keepr boxesKeeper box for spoons and spinners
 ACZY49:  95 x 70 x 25mm 

fly keeper box Fly and  hook rig keeper box
 AC952: 6.5in x 3.6in x 2in

Soft keeper pouches and bags
 AC18410 Semi hard  rigid  PVC  bag. Pouch accepts lures up to 6in in length. 

ACP029Trolling and jigging lure bag
 Bag comes with 15 tubes to keep trolling and jigging lures.
 Tubes can accommodate lures
up to 9-10in in length.
 Bag size: Height: 26cm or 10.2in
 width : 23cm or 9in

Model CB1488Carrier bag with
 6 tackle boxes
Bag size:35x20x33cm

Special Sabiki keeper
Covert this mess into an orderly fashion
 rig and sabiki keeper boxSabiki box Model No #AC21077
 Tray with 10 goblins and a box of
 tags. Set consists of
 1-210mm/8.3in dia bowl with cover.
 1 cup 10 goblins, 1 box of tags
keeper box for rigs and leader line

Sabiki rig keeper or storage
Model : ACS22615
--22cm long
             AC28615--28cm long

:Double sided, 
Lure box  for crankbait/lead jig/ spoons and spinners. Dimensions:29 x 19.0cm

sabiki rig  keeper goblinEVA goblin to coil all your
 sabiki rigs and other leader line rig with multiple hooks
 Tags available to have your
 range of rigs properly tagged
 Keeper box for sabiki rig AC40155


: Double sided, 4 layers
Lure box  for crankbait/lead jig/ spoons and spinners. Dimensions:32 x 29cm
Box size  length:90cm
 width when closed in 2 half:61cm


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