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Osprey saltwater Jigging Jig for Deep Water.
Jigging bait with and without Assist hook-Pg3

  • Osprey Premium Heavy weight :Lead/zinc mix jigs with laser patterns.- to prevent bending and denting
  • Osprey Lead fish jig from 40g to 400g
  • Osprey Lead fish jig is coated with 5 layers of hard epoxy paint for durability against scratches and chipping.
  • Ideal lead fish jig for jigging in salt water.
Lead fish jig LFP84
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFP84-220 220g/7.9oz 23/9in

Osprey saltwater lead jig LFSFU
Lead fish jig LFSFU
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFSFU-160 230g/8.3oz 12.7/5
LFSFU-180 180g/6.5oz 13/5.1
LFSFU-200 200g/7.2oz 13.2/5.2
LFSFU-230 230g/8.3oz 13.5/5.3

Osprey saltwater lead  jig LF86
Lead fish jig LF86
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LF86-300 300g/10.8oz 13.7/5.4

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osprey saltwater lead jig LF90Lead fish jig LF90
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LF90-300 300g/10.8oz 19.5/7.7
LF90-400 400g/14.4oz 21.5/8.5
LF90-500 500g/18.0oz 23.5/9.3

Lead fish jig LFP66

Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFP66-300 300g/10.8oz 25/9.8
LFP66-400 400g/14.4oz 27.8/11
LFP66-500 500g/18.0oz 31.5/12.4

Osprey saltwater lead jig LFSJLead fish jig LFSJ
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFSJ-2 2.0oz/56g 12/4.7
LFSJ-4 4.0oz111g 13/5.1
LFSJ-6 6.0oz167g 14/5.5
Lead fish jig LFP81
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFP81-200 200g/7.2oz 24/9.5

Lead fish jig LFFP
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFFP-175 175g/6.3oz 19/7.5
LFFP-240 240g/8.6oz 20.5/8.0

Lead  jig LFPB
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFPBA-200 200g/7.2oz 23.5/9.3
LFPBA-250 250g/9.0oz 25.5/10
LFPBA-300 300g/10.8oz 27/10.6
LFPBA-500 500g/18.0oz 32/12.6

Lead fish jig LF92
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFP67-100 100g/3.6oz 13/5.1
LFP67-200 200g/7.2oz 22.5/8.9
LFP67-300 300g/10.8oz 24.5/9.6
LFP67-400 400g/14.4oz 27/10.6
LFP67-500 500g/18.0oz 28.7/11.3
saltwater jig LF92Lead fish jig LF92
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LF92-230 230g/8.3oz 15.6/6.1
LF92-280 280g/10.0oz 19.3/7.7
LF92-330 330g/11.2oz 21.5/8.5

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