Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Osprey Treble coated epoxy sealed body crankbaits
to prevent water seepage and scratches- 100mm-110mm-Pg6

crankbaits LD100
LD100 Torpedo crankbait 
Body length:100mm/4in, Wt: 22g/0.8oz
Overall length:130mm/5.2in.
Dives to:2-3mtr.

LD100-5S.-- Perch.crankbaits
LD100-5S.-- Perch crankbaits.

Length:100cm/3.9in.  Wt:25g/0.9oz.  Hooks 2 x #4
Wobbler down to a dept of 3-5mtrs. Deep water diver
Split body - 5 sections.Swims with a Loud cranking sound when sections slap against each other

LD105-2 Bulldog
Diver crankbait.Dive depth:4-8m
Body length: 105mm(4.2in). Wt:48.0

Overall length including lip:180mm(7.0in) Hook:2x#2
olographic finish with etched lateral line and  3D eyes

crankbaits LM110d
LM110D- Zombie Eel.
Body length: 110mm/4.4in Weight:13g/0.5oz
Overall length:160 mm/6.3in. Hook:#4 x 2

Suspend mid lvele swimmer-
Split body wiggler with steel ball in the front half enables it to wiggler in a lively action.

LD128- Diva crankbaits
Diva crabnkbaits

Body length: 5.2in/128mm. Wt:13g/0.50oz,
Hook: 3 x #4 Dive to :2mtr/6.5ft below surface
Dives with a slow wobbling  action. 

Wobblers comes with 2 interchange lips and packed in a plastic box.
 LM197-2:122mm,26g dive depth:2-3.0m (3.5m)
LM197-3:150mm,38.5g dive depth:3-4.0m (4.5m)
Use the round lip to increase diving depth

 LD120-194-Driller- Fast deep diving
Fast Diver: Dive to a depth of 3.0~-6.0mtr
 Body length:120mm,/4.3in,
 Wt: 22.0g/0.8oz Hook: 3 x #1

Osprey top level crankbaits. 5in crankbaits skirting down to 0.8-1.5m
LF120-207 Dipper 
Crankbait length: 120mm(4.7in)
 Dive to  0.8~1.5m

LD100D Alligator   crankbait
LD100D  Alligator crankbait
  Body length:100mm/4in,  Wt: 18g/0.65oz.
Overall length:135mm/5.3in, Bottom swimmer,
Swims with a loud clapping noise.

LD103-Sardine. crankbaits
LD103-Sardine Diver crankbaits.
Body length: 4.1in/103mm. Wt:15g/0.60oz , 
Hook: 2 x #4
  Dive to :2mtr/6.5ft below surface
  Swim with a fasting diving action. 

 crank baits Ld105
LD105 Bombie Diver crankbait
Body length: 105mm(4.2in). Wt:17.0g/0.60oz

Overall length including lip:180mm(7.0in)  Hook:2x#4
olographic finish with etched lateral line and  3D eyes

LD110-1  Conger  crankbaits Dive depth:5-6m
Body length:110mm,/4.3in  Wt: 25.0g/0.9oz  
Overall length:15mm/6.2in,Hook: 2 x #1
Gills produces a steam off bubbles when diving

crankbaits LF110E
LF110E. LeoDevil. crankbaits

Body length:110mm /4.3in, Weight:15g    
Overall length:140mm/5.5in ,  Hook:#4 x2  
TYPE: Floater top level swimmer 

LD110-178- Bullfish
Fast Diver: Dive to a depth of 2.5-3.5mtr
Body length:110mm,/4.3in,
Overall length:135mm/5.3in,
Wt: 40.0g/1.4oz  Hook: 2 x #1

 LD110-175-Drill King- Fast deep diving
Fast Diver: Dive depth of 4.0~-7.0mtr
 Body length:115mm,/4.5in,
 Wt: 38.0g/1.4oz  Hook: 2 x #1

Osprey deep diving crankbaits. 6in crankbait diving down to 15ft
Deep diving crankbait LD120-210  
Crankbait length: 120mm(4.7in)
g/0.8oz  Dive to  4.0~5.0m

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crankbaits LF100
LF100 Stark crankbaits: 
Body length:100mm/4in, Overall length 135mm/5.3in, Wt:17g/0.6oz  Hooks:#4 x 2   Divers to Mid level- 4mtr
 High pumping swim action with its curve body.

crankbait LF100si
LF100SI. Cranker crankbait
Body length: 100cm/4in Wt:18g/0.65oz. Hooks 2 x #4.
Surface swimmer,Body split around the tail end
Wiggles down to a depth of 1~2mtrs.

LD106-Perch crankbaits
 LD106-ALi Diver crankbaits

Body length:106mm,/4.2in Wt: 34.5g/1.3oz
Overall length:160mm/6.3in,Hook: 2 x #1
Fast Diver, to a depth of 3.5-4.5mtr 

LF110 crankbaits 
LF110. Skimmer  crankbait  Wt:17.5g/0.62oz
Body length:110mm(4.3in) Hook size::# 2x4 treble
Overall length including lip+hook : 140mm(5.5in)

Skipper crankbait

Body length: 110mm/4.3in Wt:14g/0.5oz
Overall length:130mm/5.1 in. 
 Hook:#4 x 2
V joint  creates turbulence when the tail wiggles

crankbaits- LF115
LF115: Dumpy. crankbait
Body length:115mm /4.3in, Overall length:132mm/5.2in ,  Weight:17.5g/0.6oz 
Fast darting skimmer, just below water surface.

Osprey top level swiming crankbaits. 4in crankbaits diving to 3.5m
crankbait length:100mm/4.0in,
Wt: 16g/0.6oz
 Dives to:2~3.5mtr.

Osprey crankbaits Model Ld110, crankbait dives down to 3mtr
  Crankbait Length:110mm/4.3in

 WT:16.5g/0.6oz, Hook 2 x #4
 Dive depth:2-3.0m


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