Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Osprey saltwater Jerk baits .
Hard body and soft body prawns and octopus Jerk baits.-Pg1

Osprey-Prawn jerk baits l1268
Prawn -Jerk baits
Code Nos  Spec.
L126-8 8cm/ 3.2in , hook #8 x2
L126-10 10cm/4in, hook #6 x 2
Color selection can be customised to suit

Octo jig- hard plastic octopus head with spinner bait skirt
Jerk bait with spinner bait skirt
Code nos Length Wt Hooks size
LWX053-100 14.0cm/5.5in 12g/0.4oz


Osprey- Gel soft gel  Jerk bait-shad
Gel soft gel Jerk bait-Shad
Code Length Wt
L10322-1/300 20cm/7.8in 300g/11.0oz
L10322-1/386 23cm/9.0in 386g/13.9oz
L10322-1/646 25cm/9.8in 646g/23.0z
jerk bait color-1jerk bait color-2
jerk bait color-6jerk bait color-7

Deep diving Stick baits  
 Dives down to 30ft.--Fitted with VMC hooks
Thermal welded-Through wire system 
Code Length Wt Hooks size
LD9062-14 140mm/5.5in 48.0g


LD9062-16 160mm/6.3in 94.0g


LD9062-18S 180mm/7.0in 110g


LD9062-18H 180mm/7.0in 150g



Jigging/jerk baits soft prawn rigged with 5/0 hooks

Code WT Overall length
LR9000 6.7g 10cm
LR9050 9.2g 11cm
LR90180 9.7g 19cm
LR90180 rigged with glow bead on a 9cm Stainless leader- as per image

Jerk/jigging bait Shad
Jerk/jigging bait Shad
Code Length
10195-6 6in x 115g/4oz
10195-10 10in x 390g/14oz
10195-8 8in x 230g8oz
 Jerk bait-soft gel shad 10195-17 jigging bait soft gel shad 10195-8 jerk bait-soft gel shad 10195-7

Osprey-Jerk bait Shad with curly tail L32220
Jigging jig-Shad with curly tail L32220 
Code nos wt hook size overall length
L60029 600g 1/0 jig hook+
2 x 7/0 treble hooks

Special : body pattern done by layer lamination not painted. BODY LENGTH:24CM  Color patterns for L60029

Jerk & jigging baits- 3 sub pages
Pg1  #2  #3  Pg3B
Jerk baits with adjustable lead wt. hook 2/0
code WT Overall length
L1016LD-11 16g 11cm
L1016LD-9 13g 9cm

Osprey- Gel soft gel Jerk bait-3 tails Musky
Gel soft gel Jerk bait-3 tails Musky 
Code Length Wt Hook Size
LS181510-373 18cm/7.0in 373g/13.4oz 7/0
LS181510-238 15cm/6.0in 238g/8.5oz 7/0
LS181510-87 10.5cm/4.1in 87g/3.1oz 3/0
LS181510-40 8cm/3.2in 40g/1.5oz 2/0

jerk bait L3220
Jiggng jig-Shad with curly tail L32220 
Code nos wt hook size overall length
L32220 220g 1/0 jig hook 32cm


color pattern for L60029  

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