Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Osprey swimbaits with either fan.shad or curly tails.
Durable and flexiible swimbaits from 2-6in.-Pg2C

 Soft body swimbait. Swimbaits with a curly tail from 2-6 in
Minnow swimbaits
Code Length
LWX5555-60 6cm/2in  Wt:5.0g
LWX5550-80  8cm/3in. Wt:8.5g 
LWX5555-100  10cm/4in. Wt:20.0g  

Trout  swimbaits-10192Trout  swimbaits
Code  Length
LS10192-16 16cm/6.in , Wt: 122g/4.3oz, Hook 8/0, treble 3/0
LS10192-13   13cm/5.2in  wt: 2.3oz, hook7/0+treble hook 2/0
LS10192-10  10cm/4.in-, 29g/1.0oz, hook5/0 + 1-treble hook#4
LS10192-8   8cm/3.2in-,wt:15g/0.60oz, hook3/0 + 1-treble hook#5
LS10192-6     6.5cm/2.6in-,wt:8g/0.30z. Hook1/0 + 1-treble hook#8
Trout  swimbaits-10192- 1Trout  swimbaits-10192- 2Trout  swimbaits-10192- 3Trout  swimbaits-10192- 4Trout  swimbaits-10192- 5Trout  swimbaits-10192- 6 
Osprey Soft body swimbaits. Swimbaits with treble and jig hooks. Swimbaits from 2-4in
Soft body swimbaits with treble and jig hooks
Code Length Wt Hook Size
LWX5553-64 6.4cm/2.0in 8.0g #6+#3
LWX5553-86 8.6cm/3in 18.0g #4+1/0
LWX5553-120 12.5cm/5.0in 29.0g #1+4/0

Whit- full body swimbait 2
Whit- full body swimbaits


LSF10144-14 14cm/5.5in single hook 8/0+treble hook 2/0--62g
LSF10144-115 11.5cm/4.5in single hook 7/0+treble hook#1--36g
LSF10144-95 9.5cm/3.7in single hook 6/0+treble hook#3--22g
LSF10144-75 7.5cm/3in  single hook 3/0+treble hook#6--10g

whit swimbaits 10144-1whit swimbaits 10144-2
whit swimbaits 10144-3whit swimbaits 10144-4
whit swimbaits 10144-5whit swimbaits 10144-6
whit swimbaits 10144-7whit swimbaits 10144-8
whit swimbaits 10144-9whit swimbaits 10144-10
whit swimbaits 10144-11
Trout  swimbaits-10192- 11Trout  swimbaits-10192- 7Trout  swimbaits-10192- 8



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Soft gel swimbaits- Shad 10092-
Soft gel swimbaits- Shad
Code Length
LSF10092 200mm/7.9in-166g , Hook:8/0
LSF10093 180mm/7.1in-114g ,Hook:7/0
LSF10094 160mm/6.3in-60g, ,Hook:6/0
LSF10095 140mm/5.5in-52g, Hook:5/0
LSF10096 120mm/4.7in-34g , Hook:4/0
LSF10097 100mm/3.9in-20g ,Hook:3/0
LSF10098 80mm/3.2in-10g ,Hook:1/0
LSF10092-6 60mm/2.4in-4.0g ,Hook:#3
Soft gel swimbait- Shad 10092-1Soft gel swimbait- Shad 10092-2
Soft gel swimbait- Shad 10092-3Soft gel swimbait- Shad 10092-4
Soft gel swimbait- Shad 10092-5         

Osprey Soft gel or soft plastic swimbaits . swimbaits from 2-4in with curly tail
Soft gel swimbaits -bait fish
Code Length Wt Hook Size
LWX5560-80 8cm/3.0in 13.0g/0.5oz #3
LWX5560-100 10cm/4.0in 19g/0.7oz 3/0

Soft body swimbaits. Swimbaits from 2-4in  with shad tail
Soft body swimbaits with shad tail
Code Length Wt Hook Size
LWX5552-64 6.4cm/2.0in 8.0g #6+#3
LWX5552-86 8.6cm/3in 17.0g #4+1/0
LWX5552-120 12.5cm/5.0in 27.0g #1+4/0


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