Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Osprey's accessories for fishing lures.
Fishing aids and gadgets to supplement any types of fishing lures.

Keepers and Bags 

lure bags 
Lure bags and customised trolling lure bags
Rod bag. Rod carrier bag for 4 to 6 rods. Rods tough and rigig enough to protect rods
sabiki rig keeper or sabiki rig storage rack
Sabiki rig storage / keepr
 and rig keepers
 leader line and rigs keeper
Spiral tube to coil rigs and leader line
keeper for rigs and sabiki rig. Box with EVa winder to keeper sabiki rig
Leader line and rig keepers  

Gadgets ands  Tools  

bait compressor. Powder bait screw compressor  or Pellet maker
Powder bait compressor 

PVA sock for bait spreading. Dissolve in water PVA stocking for bait spreading
Special dissolve in water
PVA socking for bait spreading

rod pod. Rod pod or rod support for bite alarm
Rod pods and pods for bite alarm  
bite alarmbite alarm
Bite alarm stand alone or combo  

Hooks/ wires/ leader line clamps    

leader line wire
Wire and clamps set  

 assist hook
Assist hooks

Jighead- fish head /pin head/teardrop  
clamping sleeve
clamping ferrule  

   General Accessories

hook caps. Spider hook cap. Cap to enclosed squid jig's spider hook
Hook caps  

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