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Scented Boilies. EPS floating boilies from 8 to 14mm.

  • Boilies impreganted with fruit scents. Strawberry, apple , garlic and mix fruit .

  • Boilies in the shape of a corn seed.

  • Boilies for catfish without scent.

  • Osprey floating EPS boilies rigged with hook

Boilies make from EPS is tough enough to withstand repeat rehooking. Scent within the boilies will last through the life of the boilies.
Packing for boilies is available in sealed hard plastic box or clamp shell. Corn seed boilies with and without scent

Osprey ESP boilies. floating boilies with fruit scent 
Boilies Made from EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)
Code: Size Pakcing
TAB8B 8mm- 5/16nin 50pc/box
TAB10B 10mm- 3/8in 30pc/box
TAB12B 12cm- 1/2in 30pc/box
TAB14B 14mm- 9/16in 20pc/box
TAB10N 10mm- 3/8on 100pc/box
 Ospery ESP floating boilies. Boilies from 8-14mm dia
Boilies Made from EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)
Code: Size Pakcing
TAB8P 8mm- 5/16nin 20pc/pk
TAB10P 10mm- 3/8in 15pc/pk
TAB12P 12mm- 1/2in 15pc/pk
TAB14B 14mm- 9/16in 12pc/pk
TAB1210P 12mm- corn 20pc/pk

Chump socks to powder bait working inconjuction with boilies
Available in 3 size : 45x95mm
40mmx 70mm and  35x60mm


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