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Osprey NON fish shape crankbaits. Insect crankbaits.
Frogs, bees,wasps,grasshoppers, mouse and shrimps crankbaits. Pg1

insect crankbaits- frog crankbaits
Crankbait-LFG60- Toad

Body length:60mm/2.4in
Overall:95mm/3.8in Wt:10g
Swim action.Surface swimmer 
Max dive depth: 1.5m


wooden crankbaits frog
 wooden wobblers with spinner bait tail
L455-135 : body length:4.5cm.    tail:5cm   wt:13.5G
 L455-10 : body length:4.5cm.   tail:5cm  wt:10.0G
 L455-7 :  body length:4.5cm.   tail:5cm  wt:7.0G

wooden crankbaits-10
wooden crankbaits-135


 insect crankbaits- wasp
 Crankbait-LYCS048: Bees
Floater, diver to 0.5m below surface
 Length :37mm Weight: 3.6g

Crankbait- LYCS045
: ladybird.Beetle
Floater, diver to 0.3m below surface
 Length :45mm Weight: 10.5g
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Crankbait- LYCS046
Floater, Surface swimmer
 Length :72mm     Weight: 19g

LYCS047: grasshopper
Floater, diver to 0.5m below surface
 Length :46mm     Weight: 4g

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