Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Treble epoxy coated High gloss with halo finish crankbait
Osprey Large hard plastic crankbaits-100 to 210mm. -Pg7

crankbaits LF130tlLF130TL : Aqua Minnow cranbait
Length:130mm/5.1in. Wt:17.5g/0.6oz  Hooks:2 x #2
Floats just below water surface. Suspend at a dept of 1mtrs below the water sufra

crankbaits Lf140LF140 The Destroyer Crankbait
Body length: 140mm(5.5in)  Hook size: 2x #1 treble
Overall length:180mm/7.1in Wt:34g/1.2oz 
Holographic finish with etched lateral line and  3D eyes  
Action: Floater/skimmer

LF140T- Tioman crankbaits
Length:130mm.  Hook:3 x #4  Wt:20g/0.7oz
2 anchor positions to adjust diving wobbling motion.
Surface swimmer.

LM210- Mud Skipper crankbaits
LM210- Mud Skipper
ody length: 210mm/8.3in. Wt:65g/2.35oz
Overall length:266mm/10.5in Hooks: 4/0 and #9 
Mid level swimmer that can Suspend in mid water.

crankbaits LD150
LD150 Knife
Body length: 150mm(6.02in) Wt:31.0g/1.10oz
Overall length including lip+hook :250mm(10.0in)
 Hook size::2 x #4 treble. Wobblers down to a depth of 7-8 ft
Holographic finish with etched lateral line and  3D eyes 

 LD130-195-Drill King- Fast deep diving
Fast Diver: Dive depth of 4.0~-7.0mtr
 Body length:130mm,/5.1in,
 Wt: 22.0g/0.8oz  Hook: 3 x #1


 Length:130mm.Hook:3 x #4 Wt:20g/0.7oz
 2 anchor positions to adjust
wobbling motion.
 Surface swimmer.

 LM130D Wobbat crankbaitsLM130D Wobbat crankbaits  
Body length:130mm/5.2in. Weight: 23g.
Overall length:210mm/8.3in Hook:2 x#1

Crankbait has a Buoyancy.equivalent to the specific gravity of water. This suspend function enables it to have a stop & go actions.
 With the head pointing downward
LD160: Lizard Treble split. crankbait
Body length: 160mm(6.02in) . Wt:56.0g/2.0oz
Overall length including lip+hook :200mm(7.9in)
  V sluice generates splashing sound

Hard body  with squid tenacles
Code nos Length Wt Hooks size
L23569 23.5cm/9.3in 69g/2.5oz

3/0 treble+5/0 assist hook

Popper for Ocean fishing.
Thermal welded with through wire system
LF9246-15- slider
Length: 15cm/6in
Hooks :VMC :2/0


 LF130 Sprite diver.  crankbaitsLF130 Sprite top level crankbait
diving down to 1mtr. 
Body Length: 130mm/5.2in, Wt: 21g/0.8oz

 Overall length:165mm/6.5in,. 
 A long slim body for a smooth diving action.

crankbaits  LF140 LF140 Destroyer  crankabit
Body length: 140mm(5.5in) Hook size::2 x #1 treble
Overall length:180mm/7.1in  Wt:34g/1.2oz 
Action: Floater/skimmer

LF175 Snake Head
Body length: 175mm /7in, 4split, 40g/1.50oz,
Overall length including lips:185mm/7.5in
Hook size::2 x #1/0 treble
   Surface to mid level swimmer

LD180 : Duckbill
Shad crankbait.
Body length: 180mm/7in  Overall length: 7.5in
Wt: 63g/2.3oz. Hooks: 1/0 and #9.
Fast diver with high rattling sound.
2 anchor positions to adjust diving wobbling motion.

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits. 6in crankbait swims from top down to 3.5mtr
LD130-206/2  Wigger 
Crankbait length: 130mm(5.1in)
g/0.9oz  Dive to  2.5~3.5m

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