Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Customised trolling Lure bags and teaser bags.

Netting Lure bags for trolling , jigging jigs and teasers bars.
We also handle customised lure bags.

rig and lure bag
Lure bags AC1950
 : 19in x 5in
AC1965: 19in x 6.5in

Model:PK3537-1 LURE BAGLure bags Model:PK3537-1
Width: 35cm/13.8in

23 pockets lure bags .90 x 40cm/35in x 16in. Lure bags with netting backing. AC9040-23


 6 pockets lure bags
6 pockets lure bags-PK6 PK6
 Inner width 19.7 in x 53 in Std: no strap
 options: sling handle


Model:PK2627-1 LURE BAGSLure bags Model:PK2627-1
Width: 26cm/10.2in
 single compartment

 Netting trolling lure bags sb10039
Triangle teaser bar lure bags  SB10039 

Dimension:13in x 10.5 LURE BAGS Dimension:13in x 10.5
AC3327Lure bags 5 slots



Lure Bag PK3772  with netting as backing, front heavy gauge clear PVC,
Lure Bags PK3772  with netting as backing, front heavy gauge clear PVC,
 14.5in x 29in x 4 slot


Dimension:13.5 x 12.4in lure bagDimension:13.5 x 12.4in
 Lure bags 4 slots AC345315

Lure bags for  Dredges AC216-AZD63-17
16cm/6.3in x 53cm x 21in


Above is only an example: we handle make to order lure bags


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