Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
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Highly durable and flexible TSR material Soft Baits- Pg2
Soft Plastic cuttlefish/ squids/crabs/prawns and krills.
Osprey hollow body squid for daisy chain ro teaser. Squid from 9 to 12in

Soft baits-baby Cuttlefish
Soft plastic baits-baby Cuttlefish
Code Size hook nos
10145 6cm #5

soft baits-Long body cuttlefishSoft gel baits;Long body cuttlefish
Code Size hook nos
10172-7.5 7.5cm #1
10172-13.5 13.5cm #1/0

Soft baits-KrillSoft plastic baits-Krill
code size
10215 8.5cm/3.3in
10297 5cm/2in

Soft baits- Crabs
Soft baits- Crabs
Soft baits- Crabs-2


10108-35 3x5cm/1.2 x 2in
10108-57 5x7cm/2x 2.8in
10108-69 6x9.5cm/2.4 x 3.8in
10108-815 8.5x15cm/3.3 x 6in
10107 5.5 x 9.5cm/2.2 x 3.7in

 Opsrey sof bait. NYmph with flipper tail. Soft bait with super stretch material
Soft plastic baits-nymph
code size
LWX5811 12cm/4.7in x 8.3g/0.3oz
Soft baits ; OctopusSoft gel baits-Octopus
Code Length
L10316-7.5 7.5cm/3.0in
L10316-12.5 12.5cm/5.0in
L10316-16.5 16.5cm/6.5in
L10316-22 22.0cm/8.5in

 Osprey Soft plastic squid. Squid with a transulent body from 3~8inSoft plastic baits :Squid with transulent body
Code Length
LWX052-80 8cm/3in
LWX052-100 10cm/4in
LWX052-120 12cm/5in
LWX052-150 15cm/6in
LWX052-180 18cm/7in
LWX052-200 20cm/8in

soft Baits- Prawns/shrimps/crayfish
Soft gel Baits- Prawns/shrimps/crayfish
soft Baits- Prawns/shrimps/crayfish
Code Size
10173 10cm/4in
10088 6cm/2.4in
10087 4cm/1.6in
10083 4cm/1.6in
10082 7cm/2.8in
10010 2.5cm/1in
10081 8cm/3.2in
10220  10cm/4in
  Special cray fish rig- click this link
soft plastic baits crayfish-10082-soft plastic Baits- Prawns/shrimps/crayfish
soft Baits- Prawns/shrimps/crayfish soft Baits- Prawns/shrimps/crayfish -3
soft Baits- Prawns/shrimps/crayfish -4
soft Baits- Prawns/shrimps/crayfish -5
Soft baits-SquidSoft plastic baits-Squid
Code Length
10036-12 12cm
10036-15 15cm
10036-18 18cm
Soft baits-hollow body squidSoft baits-hollow body squid- rigged or unriggedSoft baits-hollow body squid-1
Code Length
10033 9cm

Hollow body squid with UV
Code Length
10039-9 9in /23cm
10039-12 12in/31cm 

Soft plastic gel crab - crab from 3 to 4in
Soft gel bait-crab


LWX051-75 7.5cm/3in
LWX051-90 9.0cm/3.5in
LWX051-120 12cm/4in

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