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Cheap and Easy to fit Hook keeper.
Hook keeper prevent accidents when keeping rigs and lures on the rod.
Osprey Clip on Hook keeper. Hook keeper ring can be fitted on to rod of any dia. Hook keeper helps to lock hooks from rig and lures to prevent accident 

  • Clip on  hook keeper- ideal for keeping sabiki rig when transporting it with your order.
  • Clip on rod Hook keeper comes with 3 ring sizes to fit various rod dia.
  • Easy to fit hook keeper, can prevent inquiry from sharp hook point.
  • Hook keepers comes in 2 versions. Wholesale pack of 100pc/pk   Display retail pack of 10keepers with 20 rings.
  • Hook keeper retails pack; 10 hook keeper+10large ring+5medium ring+5 small ring. 
Keeping rig in order with hook keeper
Hook keeper helps to lock
crank bait  hooks on rod

Keeping your sabiki in order with hook keeper.

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