Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Halo finish Crankbaits. Top and mid level swim action crankbaits.
Crankbaits from 30mm/1.2in to 60mm/2.4in-Pg2.

 LF30 Mini Buggy crank baits
LF30 Mini Buggy crankbaits -30mm or 1.5 in, surface swimmer, small but well balance.Wt:3g/0.1oz  Hooks:#12 & #5 .
Designed for dogging with a very light action rods.
size smaller than a thumb.

cranbaits lg45
LF45 Tapole
 crankbait, is a small  rattling wobblers:
Length: 45mm/1.8in, wt: 5g/0.2oz-a Floater plug

-Hawkil crankbait swims like a fleeing minnow, when retrieved slowly will twitch and jerks
like an injured baitfish. The special lip design enables
the crankbaits to bounce off of stumps and other obstruction. A lively mid level swim plug .
:55mm/2.2in  Overall length:95mm/3.7in WEIGHT:4g/0.15oz   Hook:#12
Swim action: Surface to Mid level 

 LM60D- Virusi crankbait
3-dimensional features for a dazzling under water effect, Deeply embossed scales, with a thin laser film.
Size: 60mm/2.4in 
Overall length:100mm/4.2in, Weight:6g/0.2oz  Hook:#8 

hard plastic crankbaits lf56
LF56-Limping Minnow crankbait
Surface swimmer. Body length: 2.2in/56mm. Wt:2.5g/0.1oz , Hook: 2 x #12 
 Dive to :0.3mtr/1ft below surface
 and float back to surface when line slack.

LF50-174- Mothy
Body length:50mm,
Swim action: Dive to 0.3-0.5m
Hook;  2 x #8 . Wt:6.6g/0.25oz

mini bug crankbaits
LF27 Bug -27mm or 1.1in, surface swimmer,
small but well balance .Wt:3g/0.18oz  Hooks:#12

hard plastic crankbaits-lf30
LF30B Bug -
30mm or 1.5 in, surface swimmer,
small but well balance .Wt:3g/0.1oz  Hooks:#12

hard plastic crankbaits-l30s
LF30S- cyclone crankbait
Body length:30mm, overall:56mm, Surface swimmer
Spinner blade creates high water turbulence.
Hook;  1 x #8 . Wt:5g/0.2oz
Swims from 0.3m down to 1mtr 

crankbait LF50- Voopie Devil.
LF50- Voopie Devil.
The crankbait employs a magnetic counter weight steel balls to achieve its special darting actions. 
This system enables the wobbler to achieve unique swim actions. SIZE: 50mm/2in, 
Overall length:85mm/3.3in  Weight:5.5g  Hook:#8  

hard plastic crankbait LF55
LF55: Minnow sinking crankbait
Length:overall:60mm/2.4in, Body length:55mm.
Hook: 2 x #6, Wt:5g/0.2oz.

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 LF35 Dancer crankbaits
LF35 Dancer -35mm or 1.38 in, Surface swimmer,
well balance dancer.floater, hook#12. wt:2g/0.07oz

LF35 Dancer crankbait
DARTER crankbait
  surface swimmer l
Wt:3.5g/0.12oz. Hooks:#8 an #5

 crankbaits lf50d
Buzcombie crankbait. Floater
Body length: 50mm/2 in,Overall length:70mm/2.8in, Wt:5.5g,  Large hump body makes it darts like a bug. When retrieve slowly, the hump will create water ripples.

LD55DS- Humback crankbait.
 Length:55mm/2in. Wt:11g/0.4oz. Hook 2 x #6
  Fast diver to a depth of 5mtrs/15ft

hard plastic crankbaits- LF50E
LF50E  Rattler crankbait
Loud ratting sound with a balance body.
. Swims with a smooth dipping dive action.
 Length:50mm/2.0in,Overall length:70mm/2.8in, 5g/0.2oz,

hard plastic crankbait LD60
Humpy Diving crankbait,  Holog
raphic finish
with etched lateral line and  3D eyes
ody length: 60mm(2.4in). verall length:110mm/4.3in
g/0.4oz. Hook size::#4 treble
The bill is designed to provide a fast deep diving action
Will wobble down to 7-8 ft even with a slow retrieve.
Generating a loud rattle.  

Split body crankbait  3 sections- top level swimmer 
 LF137-2 Rattler 
 surface swimmer
ength:57mm/2.2in Wt:6.0g/0.20oz. 
 hooks:#8 x 2

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