Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Osprey spinning spoons from 6g to 40g.
Flasher spoons plated with a natural looking shell fish pattern.-Pg3

spinning spoons ls022  Spinning Spoon Series LS022 
Size No



00 60mm 2.4in 4g 0.15oz 6
01 66mm 2.6in 6g 0.21oz 4
02 80mm 3.2in 11g 0.4oz 2
03 90mm 3.5in 20g 0.7oz 1
04 107mm 4.2in 29g 1.02oz 1/0
05 120mm 4.7in 38g 1.35oz 2/0

spinning Spoon model: LS041  Spoon model: LS041 
Size No


  WT  Hook/size
01 85mm 3.4in 22g 0.78oz 2

spinning Spoon model: LS064  Spoon model: LS064 
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 65mm 2.6in 5g 0.18oz 8
02 73mm 2.9in 7g 0.25oz 6
03 86mm 3.4in 10g 0.35oz 4
04 100mm 4in 13g 0.45oz 2
05 113mm 4.4in 16g 06oz 1

spinning Spoon model:LS067  Spoon model:LS067 
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 84mm 3.3in 13g 0.45oz 1
02 95mm 3.7in 17g 0.6oz 1
03 110mm 4.3n 24g 0.85oz 1/0

Pattern Chart for all models in this page 
Spinning Spoon model: LS023 
Spoon model:LS023 
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
00 90mm 3.5in 6g 0.2oz 6
01 103mm 4.1in 12g 0.4oz 4
02 125mm 4.9in 16g 0.6oz 2
03 145mm 5.7in 28g 1.0oz 1
spinning Spoon model:  LS040 Spoon model:  LS040 
Size No


  WT  Hook/size
01 130mm 5.1in 22g 0.78oz 3/0

spinning Spoon model: LS043 Spoon model: LS043 
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 110mm 4.3in 17g 0.6oz 2

spinning Spoon model:LS057 Spoon model:LS057

Size No

Length  WT  Hook/size
01 115mm 4.5in 20g 0.70oz 1/0

Spoons with a laser finish LS070
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 130mm 5.1in  20g 0.7oz 2
02 160mm 6.3in 33g 1.2oz 1/0
Pattern Chart for all models in this page
spinning Spoon model: LS024
Spoon model:
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
00 63mm 3g 0.1oz 8
01 65mm  4g 0.14oz 6
02 83mm 7g 0.25oz 4

Spinning Spoon model: LS029 Spoon model: LS029 
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 140mm 5.5in 19g 0.70oz 2

spinning Spoon model:  LS044 Spoon model:  LS044 
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size







spinning Spoon model:  LS045 Spoon model: LS045 
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 110mm 4.3in 18g 0.63oz 4

spinning Spoon model: LS062 Spoon model:LS062 
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 65mm 2.6in 4g 0.15oz 8
02 85mm 3.3in 8g 0.3oz 6
03 97mm 3.8n 11g 0.4oz 4
04 120mm 4.7in 15g 0.53oz 2
05 130mm 5.2in 20g 0.71oz 1

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