Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Osprey's durable and highly flexible TSR soft baits.
Shad soft baits from 1-12in.- Pg5

Osprey soft baits- minnow with shad tail- 9.5cm
Soft baits-Minnows

Code Length
LWX5607 9.5cm/3.7in x  5.5g)
Color patterns-

 Osprey Soft baits- shad with rib body
soft baits-Shad with rib body
Code length
LWX5608 10.5cm/4.1in  x 7.6g

 Osprey soft baits- shad with step tail
 Soft baits- Shad 
code Length
LWX048S-7.5 75cm/3.0n x 6g
LWX048S-12 12cm/4.7in x 13.6g

Soft plastic or soft PVC shad with serrated tail 
 Fish soft baits

Code: size
LWX048-60 6cm/2in-2.2g
LWX048-75  7.5cm/3in-4.1g 
LWX048-95  9.5cm/4in-6.0g 
LWX048-105 10.5cm/5in-9.6g 
 Osprey soft baits- shad with ribbed body
 Soft baits-Shad  with rib body
Code Length
LWX5615D-5 5.0cm/2.0in  x 1.5g
LWX5615D-7.5 7.25cm/3.0in x 3g
LWX5615D-9 9.0cm/3.5in x 6.8g

soft shad wirth kelvar reinforced body
Transulcent  body soft shad with kelvar cord
Code Nos



LTC42-8 8cm/3.1in Standard packing 5pc in a alu foil zip lock bag. ALso available 3pcs in an OPP bag.
LTC42-10 10cm/4.0in  

  Soft baits-Shad 10042-43 
Code Length
LWX5617 10.5cm/4.1in x 5.2g

Soft baits- shads with internal color
 Code: size
LWX024X  6.5cm/2.6in x 3.7g

Osprey swim baits. Minnow Swim bait with a shad tail
Soft baits- minnow with shad tail
 Code: size
LWX6001  18.0cm/7.1in x 27g/1.0oz

Osprey swim baits. Minnow Swim bait with a shad tail
Soft baits- Soft serrated body Popper 
 Code: size
LWX5660  12.0cm/4.7in x 17g/0.6oz

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