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Soft plastic cray fish rig, with a weighted tail and waving craws.
This action Mimics a life crayfish.
This crayfish rig is highly is irresistible to any passing fish. Pg 5
Soft gel Crayfish rig. Cray fish rig packed in ALu foil- 3 models of crayfish rig per pack

Crayfish rig with flipper sinker wt.
Code WT Overall length
LCF1170 11g 10cm
Crayfish rig with hook anchored within the
sinker anchor wire.

Crayfish rig with Jig head.
Code WT Overall length
LCF1070 10g 10cm
Crayfish rig without wt but fitted with  jig hook
Code WT Overall length
LCF6570 6.5g 10cm

Crayfish rig are packed in Alu foil: 2pc per bag
Combination combo pack consists of : 1pc each of the above crayfish model.
Super soft gel to ensure crayfish movement mimics a true life crayfish.
This crayfish rig is an ideal bottom feeder rig.

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