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Trout, eel and perch swimbaits. Swimbaits from 2-8in-Pg2B

Gel soft swim baits-dog fish-10171
Gel soft swimbaits -dog fish
Serrated between body and tail to provide wiggling action
Code Length Wt Hook Size
10171-10 10cm/4.0in 22g/0.8oz #3
10171-15 15cm/5.9in 60g/2.2oz 2/0
10171-19 19cm/7.5in 110g/3.9oz 3/0

Gel soft swim bait-dog fish-10171-1Gel soft swim bait-dog fish-10171-2Gel soft swim bait-dog fish-101713Gel soft swim bait-dog fish-10171-4
Gel soft swim bait-dog fish-10171-5Gel soft swim bait-dog fish-101716-6Gel soft swim bait-dog fish-10171-7Gel soft swim bait-dog fish-10171-8

 Soft gel or plastic swimbait. Swim bait from 2 ~4 in
Whit- full body swimbaits with
imbedded treble at the tail
Code  Length
LWX5559-80 8cm/3.0in , 2 Treble hook #1 + #6    -17.0g
LWX5559-100 10.0cm/4.0in 2 Treble hook #2/0 + #1-27.0g
LWX5559-120 12.0cm/5.0in 2 Treble hook #3/0 + #1/0-37.0g

Hard head  Eel swim baits-10102-
Hard head with a soft gel body- Eel swimbaits
Code Length Wt Hook Size
L10102 13cm/5.2in 8g/0.3oz #4
Hard head  Eel swim baits-10102-1Hard head  Eel swim baits-10102-2
Hard head  Eel swim baits-10102-3Hard head  Eel swim baits-10102-4Hard head  Eel swim baits-10102-5Hard head  Eel swim baits-10102-6Hard head  Eel swim baits-10102-7

  swim bait eel 10474
eel swim bait packing

Eeel swim baits :Overall length:22cm/8.6in.
Tail length:19cm/7.5in  Wt:65g/2.4oz. Fitted with 2 hooks
#1 and #6/0 treble on a wire tracer line.

 Soft gel or soft plastic siwmbaits : perch swimbait from 2-4inPerch swimbaits
Code Length Hook size WT:
LWX5561-60 6cm #1/0+ #8(treble) 9.7g
LWX5561-80 8cm #3/0+#4 treble 21.0g


10cm #5/0+ #3 treble 35.6g

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4-6in Soft gel/plastic swim bait - Pike swimbait with jig hook and a treble hook
Full body Pike swimbaits
Code    Length
LWX5562-100 10cm/4.0in wt; 14.5g
LWX5562-120 12cm/5.0in  wt:26.5g
LWX552-140 14cm/5.5in, wt:34.8g
 Soft body swimbaits. Swimbait with jig and treble hooks. Swimbaits from 2-6in 
  with shad tail
Code Length Hook size WT:
LWX5554-60 6cm #1/0+ #8(treble) 9.7g
LWX5561-80 8cm #3/0+#4 treble 21.0g


10cm #5/0+ #3 treble 35.6g

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