Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Osprey Premium Octopus/Squid skirts with UV. Skirts plated with Laser patterns.
Tough and durable TSR material skirts designed for trolling lures. Pg1

Premium quality: PVC silicone mix  with UV additive to create a special effect under water .
UV squid skirt radiance effect under sunlight

Squid skirts from 16Squid skirts(standard non laser plated ) 
from 16" --2.5"
Code No-length LOA20018-5.5in LOA20027-10in
LOA20012-2.5in LOA20020-6.5in LOA20109-12in
LOA20014-3.5in LOA20022-7.5in LOA20110/14-14in
LOA20016-4.5in LOA20024-8.5in LOA20110/16-16in

Total nos of skirt patterns available 1930- click link to view
Patterns 1-78             Patterns 79-157         Patterns 158-631
Patterns 632-1930






Osprey squid skirt with UV from 5.5-16inStandard squid skirts dimensions
skirtS  inner
neck dimension
neck dia
4.5in 8mm
6.5in 12mm
7.5in 13mm
8.5in 14mm
10in 17.5mm
12in 18.5mm
14in 20.5mm
16in 29mm

Special skirts MINI series
Special skirts MINI series
LOA20010--1.5in.     LOA20011--2in
Special mini glow in the dark stud for mini skirt rigs.
stud for mini squid skirts

Osprey squid available from 2.5 in to 14in :
 NOTE  this is  only a film plated over  basic squid skirt. 
 For basic colur of squid skirt refers to skirt patterns

 If the sample (SHOWN BELOW) pattern  is not  to your liking . Please use the following film patterns over the basic squid patterns , to create your own colour scheme.

Skirts Plated with Laser Pattens
Squid skirts plated with laser pattern

Squid skirts( laser plated ) 
from 16" --2.5"
Code No-length LOA20018XC-5.5in LOA20027XC10in
LOA20012XC-2.5in LOA20020XC-6.5in LOA20109XC-12in
LOA20014XC-3.5in LOA20022XC-7.5in LOA20110/14XC-14in
LOA20016XC-4.5in LOA20024XC-8.5in LOA20110/16XC-16in

Total nos of skirt patterns available 1930- click link to view enlarged details                                 Patterns 632-1930

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Sub pags on squid skirt Pg1  Pg1B Pg2  Pg3  Squid patterns 

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