Osprey Trolling lure and teaserr : Trolling with clear poly carbonate head or with chrome jet head.

Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Trolling lure with a Super hard Poly. carbon head.
Trolling lure head inlay with abalone shell.- Pg1

  • Trolling lure with double UV skirt. Trolling lure from 7 to 12in

Poly carbonate TINTED head-trolling lure-

Code Head size Head Wt

 Length overall

L201A63 80mm/3.1in 140g/5.0oz

13in or 14in

Flat/wavy skirt
L201A63S 80mm/3.1in 150g/5.4oz

13in or 14in

Oyster shell inlay
L201A63T 80mm/3.1in 140g/5.0oz

13in or 14in

Round skirt

Poly carbonate head-trolling lure
either inlay with laser or abalone shell

Code Head size Head Wt  Length overall
LO201F6 60mm/2.4in 98g/3.5oz


osprey trolling lure with round skirt 
With Round skirt

Osprey Poly carbonate TINTED head-trolling lureOsprey poly crystaline clear and Tinited head trolling lure

Code Head size Head Wt  Length overall
LO201F7 45mm/1.8in 73.0g/2.6oz


Osprey slant head trolling lure  

Super hard Poly carbonate head trolling lure sub pages.:Pg1 #1A  #1B  #1C   #1D   #1E   #1F  #1G

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