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Micro jig with laser film or real abalone shell surface.
Micro lead jig from 12-100g.-Pg1

Osprey micro lead jig  model Lpk89
Micro jig LPK89
Code no Wt Length
LPK89-12 12g 4.9cm
LPK89-25 25g 6.4cm
LPK89-28 28g 6.5cm
LPK89-40 40g 7.2cm
LPK89-56 56g 8.0cm
LPK89-60 60g 8.5cm
LPK89-80 80g 9.5cm
LPK89-100 100g 10.0cm
LPK89-120 120g 10.8cm

Osprey LKP90:  micro lead jig  LKP90:  Weight available :50g/100/120

Osprey LKP802: micro lead jig LKP802:  Weight available :30g 

Osprey micro lead jig LPK91 
LKP91:  Weight available :60g /80g 

Osprey micro lead jig LKP93:  Weight available :60g /105g  LKP93:  Weight available :60g /105g

osprey micro lead jig LKP87  LKP87:  Weight available : 60/80/100/120/grs

Osprey  LKP97:  micro lead jig  LKP97:  Weight available :15/25/30/40g

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 Color patterns avialbel for the above range. Patterns is applicable to any of the above model.

Special abalone overlay pattern. Special abalone  overlay patterns Special overlay abalone shell pattern
Special overlay patterns able for this range
 Real waffle thin oyster shell overlay on the jig body.

   Laser film patterns.
micro lead jig color A01 micro lead jig color A02 micro lead jig color A03
micro lead jig color A04 micro lead jig color A05 micro lead jig color A06
micro lead jig color A07 micro lead jig color A08 micro lead jig color A09

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