Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Osprey Tuna lure with feather or squid skirt. Jet head tuna lure- Pg8

Tuna clone with lead inser

Code Length
L20147-6.5 6.5in
L20147-4.5 4.5.in

with lead insert

Osprey tuna lure 30160
Squid skirt with lead insert
Code Length
LO30160 53g x 6.in

Osprey tuna lure with feather skirt 201a35
clear poly head lure  with feather skirt
Code Length
L201A35 6.in

Osprey tuna lure with feather
Tuna lure with feather  & squid skirt
Code Length
L30102-6.5 6.5in
L30102-4.5 4.5.in

Osprey tuna rig
tuna Lead jig with  feathers
Code Wt
218-1 1g/0.04oz
218-1.5 1.5g/0.05
218-2.5 2.5g/0.09
218-4 4g/0.14oz
218-6.5 6.5g0.2oz
218-9 9g/0.3oz
218-12 12g/0.4oz
218-16 16g/0.6oz

tuna lure with feathers
Feather skirt tuna lure
Code Length
L201A6Y 14cm/5.5.in






feather color combination
availabe for tuna lures 

tuna lure Feather  n squid skirt
Code Length
LO20160 53g x 6.in

Osprey tuna lure with feather skirt
Tuna lure with feather & squid skirt
Code Length
LO201A62F-6 6.0in
LO201A62F-8 8.0.in

Osprey tuna lure with feathers skirt 201a37
Tuna lure with feather
Code Length
L201A37 6.in

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