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Osprey eel hook and squid skirt rig Pg4

Eel hook with long tail
Eel hook with long tail
Code: Length Hook size
2008-8 8cm/3.1in 1/0
2008-10 10cm/4.0in 2/0
2008-12 12cm/4.7in 3/0
2008-14 14cm/5.5in 5/0
2008-16 16cm/6.3in 7/0
silicone tube for eel hook rig
soft gel tube for eel hooks
Dia. 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
Length 20cm
Eel hook with teaser
Eel hook with teaser
Code: Length Hook size
3008-8 8cm/3.1in 1/0
3008-10 10cm/4.0in 2/0
3008-12 12cm/4.7in 3/0
3008-14 14cm/5.5in 5/0
3008-16 16cm/6.3in 7/0
squid skirt rig
 Squid skirt rigged in
pair or 3 to a set.
Set available for 3.5/4.5in
UV Squid skirt
Squid skirt set with spinner
squid skirt rig with spinner

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