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Stripteasers and Collapsible dredge bar for stripteasers. Stripteasers with highly reflective laser fish. Stripteaser Dredge : 9 anchor or 13 anchor points.
Dredge comes in 2 size : 27in and 42in dia. Witchy Teasers

Laser fish on stripteasers will not peel off even after long period of use.
Stripteasers Laser fish sandwiched between 2 strips of tough PVC and heat laminated together.
Stripteasers available in length of 1mtr/3.3 ft , 1.5mtr/4.5ft. and 2.3m/6.7.5ft
Specially designed 32in and 46in dia Collapsible stripteaser dredge.Collapsible dredge weights 500gm/1lb 2oz.-
The stripteaser dredge will remains underwater even when at trolling high speed.
Stripteasers available with 5, 6, 7 9 and 15fish strip. Stripteasers rigged with ballbearing swivel on a 4in mono line

Opsrey stripteaser in length of 1m and 1.5mtr. Stripteaser laser fish sandwiched between 2 strips of heat sealed laminted PVC. 

 High reflective radiance color ballyhoo under Sunlight

Stripteasers rigged with #7 ball bearing swivel Or
with crane swivel and snap on a 4in mono line.
Stripteasers width: 40mm/1.5in wide. Laser fish 5in long.
Stripteasers length: 1mtr /1.5m/2.3m we also handle customised length.

Stripteaser packing:
  1. Stripteasers ribbon in bulk pack of 50strips/ pack
  2. Stripteasers display set in a clear plastic box: 4strips x 1mtr +1strip x 1.5mtr or 4 strips of 1mtr or 1.5mtr.
  3. Stripteasers combo: packing in a long PVC tube: 1 dredge+ spreader bar+ 8 strips of 1m stripteaser +1 strip of 1.5m stripteaser

Version 2 on collapsibleTeaser dredge.

Collapsible Dredge for teaser lure
Code overall dia. Nos anchors
ASD17x3 17in /legs x 6legs 3 anchors /leg
ASD12x2 12in /legs x 6legs 2 anchors /leg
ASD17x2 17in/leg x 6legs 2 anchors/leg
ASD17x2-4 17in/leg x 4legs 3 anchors/leg
ASD12x2-4 12in/legs x 4legs 2anchors/leg

  Spider dredge  with 2oz lead weight

TS63202-3S 32in x 6 legs spider dredge, 3 anchor point/leg
TS63202-2S 32in x 6 legs spider dredge, 2 anchor point/leg
TS62402-2S 24in x 6 legs spider dredge, 2 anchor point/leg
Osprey compact collapsible dredge for teasers and stripteasers

Video shows how to collapse the legs on the dredge.

Stripteaser lure Collapsible dredge 2versions
12in/legs x 4 legs. Each leg with 2 anchor points.
17in x 4legs each legs with 3 anchor points.
Teasers dredge packed in a netting bag with a clear pvc front
Teasers dredge comes with a netting bag with a clear Pvc front

Witchy Teasers

Witchy Teaser:3.5in &5.5in skirt length

Skirs color: radiance silver, chartuse, apple green, pink, blue, red 
 Length Plastic head Alu. Head Chrome brass head
0.7m/2.3ft Nos : of heads .0.70mtr=4heads 1.0mtr=6 heads, 1.5mtr=8 heads.  Each length rigged with 80lbs mono with crane swivel+snap
  Pages on teasers and teaser bars : Pg9 P9B  Pg9C  Pg9D

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