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Osprey super stretch and highly flexible swimbaits.
Swimbaits with laminated pattern within the body.-Pg2

Soft body swimbaits with fan or shad tail
Fully body trout swimbait
: available with either shad tail or fan tail.
Code Length Wt Hook Size
10343 21cm/8.3in 150g/5.3oz #5/0

 Osprey soft plastic swimbait. Swimbait with flipper tail
Perch  swimbaits with flipper tail
Code length Wt
LKCZ303-7 7.0cm/2.8in 10g/0.4oz

Osprey swimbait. Throught wire system Soft plastic swimbait.
Full body perch swimbaits   with  2 x treble hook
Code Length Wt
LKCZ304-6 6.0cm/2.4in 16g/0.6oz
LKCZ304-45 4.5cm/1.8in 12g/0.4oz

Osprey Soft body swimbaits. Swimbaits from 2-4in
Minnow swimbaits
Code length Wt
LWX5564-60 6cm/2.0in 8.5g/0.3oz
LWX5564-80 8cm/3.0in 11.0g/0.4oz
LWX5566-100 10cm/4in 22.0g/0.8oz

Jerking and jigging baits- soft plastic  LJTC54 Jerk bait-Mud skipper
Code Length WT:
LTC54 24cm/9.5in 290g/10oz
Trout swimbait
Osprey trout swimbait. Swim  8in x 135g/4.8oz with large fan tail.
Code length Hook size Wt
LWX5579 20cm/7.8in - 114g
LWX5579R 20cm/7.8in #2+6/0 135g

Swimbaits with Laminated Pattern within body
Code Nos  Spec.
LJW15100  15cm x 100g
LJW20180 20cm x 180g
Color selection can be customised to suit

Dog fish swim baits color-1 
Dog fish swimbaits 
Code nos   length
10287-16   16cm/6.3in-76g
10287-21   21cm/8.3in-158g
10287-28  28cm/11in-262g
10287-33   33cm/13in-320g
Dog fish swimbaits color-2Dog fish swimbaits color-3Dog fish swimbaits color-4Dog fish swimbaits color-5Dog fish swimbaits color-6Dog fish swimbaits color-7

osprey soft gel or soft plastic swimbaits. Swimbaits LWX5566 with a curly tail
Minnow swimbaits
Code length Wt Hook size
LWX5566-60 6cm/2.0in 5.5g/0.2oz #6
LWX5566-80 8cm/3.0in 12.8g/0.45oz #6
LWX5566-100 10cm/4in 20.0g/0.7oz #5
LWX5566-140 14cm/5.5in 36.0g/1.3oz #3
LWX5566-200 20cm/8.0in 115.4g/4.2oz #2/0
Fitted with 2 hooks : jig hook+ 1 treble

Crayfish swimbait with Zinc/lead stabliser weight:35g/1.2oz. Total weight:37/g1.3oz.Fitted with VMC hookOsprey soft plastic crayfish jigging swimbait with zinc lead stabliser.Soft plastic  jigging craying 6in x 35g/1.3oz

Sardine swimbaits 10448Sardine swim baits
Code length Wt Hook size
L10448-25 25cm/10in 220g/8oz 10/0
L10448-18 18cm/7.1in 140g/5oz 6/0
Full body Perch swimbaits with a shad tail.
Full body Perch swimbaits with a shad tail.
Code Length Wt Hook Size
10293-17 17.5cm/7in 104g/3.8oz 3/0
10293-25 25cm/10in 210g/7.5oz 5/0
10293-28 28cm/11in 380g/13.6oz 7/0
Swim bait'sbroad shad trail, causes the body to wiggle when perch is being retrieved back

Gel soft swim baits-sand shark
Gel soft swimbaits-sand shark
Code nos   length
10286-16   16cm/6.3in-72g
10286-21   21cm/8.3in-162g
10286-28  28cm/11in-268g
10286-33   33cm/13in-320g
Gel soft swimbaits-sand shark-color-1Gel soft swimbaits-sand shark-color-2
Gel soft swimbait-sand shark-color-3Gel soft swimbait-sand shark-color-5
Gel soft swimbait-sand shark-color-4Gel soft swimbait-sand shark-color-6
Gel soft swimbaits-sand shark-color-7

Osprey soft body Minnow swimbaits Lwx5558
Minnow swimbaits with a fan tail
Code Length Wt
LWX5558-60 6.0cm/2.0in 8.0/0.3oz
LWX5558-80 8.0cm/3.0in 14.0g/0.5oz
LWX5558-100 10.0cm/4.0in 23.7g/0.9oz
LWX5558-120 12.0cm/5.0in 37.0g/1.4oz

Jerk bait- eel LJTC51Jerk bait-Eel
Code Length WT:
LJTC52 19cm/7in 60g/2oz

Jerking and  jigging baits LJTC51Jerk and jigging bait-Island Kelpfish
Code Length WT:
LJTC51-30 30cm/12in 450g/16oz
LJTC51-40 40cm/15.7in 750g/27oz


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Color patterns for Kelpfish 
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Color Patterns for EEL
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