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Soft plastic swimbaits- pike, eel. Swimbait with serrated body. Pg1

Pike swim bait 10264
Serrated body Pike swimbait
code  Length
LSF10264-30  30cm/12in, 246g, hook 2 x 7/0
LSF10264-25  25cm/10in, 103g hook 2 x 5/0
LSF10264-20   20cm/7.8in , 70g, hook 2 x 3/0
LSF10264-15   15cm/6in, 32g, hook 2 x 1/0
pike swim bait- color2 pike swim bait- color3 pike swim bait- color4 pike swim bait- color5 pike swim bait- color7 

Serrated body Perch swim bait -10294 Serrated body Perch swimbait 
Code Length Wt Hook Size
10294 25cm/10in 178g/6.4oz 5/0
Perch with serrated body with lipsto enable it to swim with a wobbling actions 
Serrated body Perch swim bait -color1 Serrated body Perch swim bait -color2
Serrated body Perch swim bait -color3 Serrated body Perch swim bait -color4
Serrated body Perch swim bait -color5 Serrated body Perch swim bait -color6
Serrated body Perch swim bait -color7 Serrated body Perch swim bait -color8 Serrated body Perch swim bait -color09
Serrated body trout swim bait 10265 Serrated body trout swimbait .- life like wiggling tail
and lower body..perfect swim motions.
Code Length Wt Hook Size
10265-12 12cm/4.7in 24g/0.9oz #1
10265-16 16cm/6.3in 62g/2.2oz 2/0
10265-20 20cm/7.9in 114g/4.0oz 3/0
trout swim bait color-1 trout swim bait color-2 trout swim bait color-3 trout swim bait color-4 trout swim bait color-5 trout swim bait color-6  trout swim bait color-7 

.Osprey transulcent soft plastic swimbait. Swimbait from 7~12cm
Through wire system swimbait
Code Length Wt
LKCZ305-7 7.0cm/2.8in 10g/0.4oz
LKCZ305-10 10.0cm/3.9in 18g/0.65oz
LKCZ305-12 12.0cm/4.7in 30g/1.1oz
Opsrey sot plastic swimbait with flipper tail. Swimbait from 10-12cm
Osprey eel swimbait. Soft plastic body swimbait with a eel heas jig hook
Eel swimbait with jighead
Code length Wt
LE9001-12 12cm/4.7in 16g/0.6oz

Osprey swimbait. Eel soft plastic swimbait with a shad tail and a jig hook 
Eel swimbaits 
Code Length Wt
LBTW5-15 15cm/5.9n 27g/1.0z

Serrated body swimbait
Hooks are wire rigged to leader line anchor at the lip
This ensure the hooks remain in placed on the leader link ring even when body breaks off.
Code Length Wt
LWX5662-95 9.5cm/375in 12g/0.4oz
LWX5662-115 11.5cm/4.5in 18g/0.65oz
LWX5662-25 25cm/9.8in 185g/6.6oz
LWX5662-30 30cm/11.8n 318/11.4oz
 Osprey swimbait. Soft plastic with a Serrated body swimbait offers a perfectswim action

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