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Assist hooks with glow in the dark hook sleeve. Customised hook rigs

 Stinger Hook Rigs  

  • Hook rig : Mustard hooks tied with Kevlar cord or rig with stainless wire
  • Hook Rigs MAKE to order customised to your specifications.

 Mustard Hook with Braided Kevlar cord.

TAC8271-1  hook#2
TAC8272-1  hook#1
TAC8273-1  hook#1/0
TAC8274-1  hook#2/0
TAC8275-1  hook#4/0
Cord color available; white/blue/gold/green
PVC tube: blue/black/green
Available in bulk or
in a display pack of 3pcs/pk
stinger assits hook with Dacron cord with teaserDacron tied line with teaser
TAC9264:  stinger hook rig with mylar Teaser : hooks from 1/0-10/0
TAC9265 stinger hook rig with feather teaser: hook from 1/0--10/0
TAC9261   stinger hook rig without teaser
assist hook tac9160
assist hooks with teaser

Hook rig with stainless wire
TAC8271S-3  hook#1
TAC8272--3  hook#2/0
TAC8273--3  hook#3/0
TAC8274--3  hook#4/0
TAC8275--3  hook#5/0
Hook rig : Mustad hook model 10827BLN
rig with a rigid stainless wire, and rolling swivel and welded round ring.
double legs assist hooksAssist hooks -Cord details and strength
110 lb--1/0 hook, 3.2cm Dacron cord
110 lb-- 2/0 hook, 4.7cm Dacron cord
140 lb --3/0 hook, 5.6cm Dacron cord
140 lb-- 4/0 hook, 5.6cm Dacron cord
180 lb-- 5/0 hook, 7.0cm Dacron cord
240 lb --6/0 hook, 7.0cm Dacron cord
240 lb-- 7/0 hook, 7.0cm Dacron cord
240 lb-- 8/0 slip hook, 7.5cm Dacron cord
240 lb-- 9/0 slip hook, 7.5cm Dacron cord
240 lb-- 10/0 slip hook, 8.5cm Dacron cord
TAC9260: double legs with a 3/8in top forged ring.
TAC9160: single leg with a 3/8in top forged  ring.

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