Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Osprey Crankbaits ranging from top level floater to deep diver.
Crankbaits from 90mm. Pg5

Osprey Serpent: LM90R crankbait
Body length:90mm/3.5in,Overall length:129mm/5.0in. Wt:11g/0.4oz. Serrated ring  body, high wiggling actions. Clapping noise when diving to mid level from surface.

crankbaits LF90e
he Driller crankbait is a fast popper,
Body length:90mm(3.5in) Wt:18g/0.63oz          
Overall length:120mm/4.7in.Hook size:
:#6 treble
Loud ratting sound, with a balance body.  Popper skims surface with a smooth dipping dive action.

LF90D Osprey Sucker crankbait LF90D Sucker crankbait
Body Length: 90mm/3.5in, Wt:14g/0.5oz,
Overall length:120mm/4.7in

Loud ratting sound with a balance body.
Swims with a smooth dipping dive action. 

crankbaits LM91
crankbait   Wt:14.3g/0.50oz  
Body length: 91mm(3.6in) Hook size::#6 treble
Overall length including lip+hook:155mm(6.1in)
Mid- level swimmer.  

LM95N crankbaits
LM95N Crocker crankbait-Mid level swimmer. 
Body length: 3.8in/95mm.  Wt:8.5g/0.30oz ,
Hook: 2 x #6. 
 Dive to :1mtr/3.5ft below surface

Body length: 85mm(3.6in) . Overall length including lip+hook:90mm Wt:17g/0.4oz hook: 2 x #6,  Diver
 Swim action: Mid level swimmer 1.0 to 2.0m
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:Top level swimer:0.7 to1.2m

LD90 Jetflow crankbait Dive depth:3-5m
Body length:90mm,/3.6in, Wt:10g/0.35oz

Overall length:145mm/5.1in,

Fast Diver,with a good flow of jet bubbles.

LM90D-Shad crankbait
 Fast Diver: Dives to a depth of 5mtr
 Body length:90mm,/3.6in, Wt:21g/0.8oz
Overall length:120mm/4.7in, Hook- 2 x #12 
 Sinker weight on lip to enable a fast dive.
 Air bubbles from Shad tail to wiggle the tail hook.

LM90L:Fingering crankbaits
LM90L:Fingering crankbait
Body length:90mm(3.6in).Wt:10g/0.4oz Hook:2 x #6
Overall length including lip+hook:118mm(4.2in) 
Fast Diver Swim action: Dives to -1.5 to 2.5m

 crankbaits LF90
LF90  Dropper crankbait:
  Body length: 90mm/3.6in,
Overall length:105/4.2in,
Wt: 8g/0.3oz. Floater just below surface skimmer

crankbaits Ld95
Snake head crankabit.
Body length:95mm/ 3.7in.  Wt: 12g/0.4oz
Overall length:150mm/6.0inFast diver

 LD90-178- Bullfish
Fast Diver: Dive to a depth of 1.5-2.5mtr
 Body length:90mm,/3.5in,
Overall length:115mm/4.5in,
 Wt: 27.0g/1.0oz  Hook: 2 x #2

Osprey hard plastic crankbaits- 90mm crankbaits swim action from top to mid level

Body length:90mm/3.5in,
Wt: 12g/0.4oz
 Dives to:2-2.5mtr.

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LM90S-Arowana crankbaits
-Arowana crankbait
 Mid level swimmer:1.5m~2m Wt:9g/0.3oz,
 Body length:90mm,/3.6in, 
Fast Diving action
Overall length:118mm/4.6in,Hook 2 x #6

LF90X: Shad crankbait
Body length:90mm/3.5in, Wt:10g/0.4oz
Overall length:110mm/4.3in. 
Surface swimmer,wobblering just below water surface.

 LM90 slick minnow crankbait
LM90 Slick Minnow crankbait.
Body length:90mm/3.5in,Wt:9g/0.3oz
Overall length:106mm/4.2in.
 Mid level swimmer, 

crankbaits LD90e
LD90E  Soo
pper crankbait 
Body length:90mm,/3.6in,

Overall length:145mm/5.1in,

Fast Diver, good darting action with the Step lip,

Body length: 95mm/3.8in
 Wt:11.0g/0.4oz  hook: 2 x #6, 
 Swim action:Top level swimer:0.5 to 0.8m

 Crank bait or wobbler LF110-187- 3 split crankbait
 LF110-187. Length:110mm/4.3in
 WT:15.5g/0.6oz, hook: 2 x #4,
 Dive depth:0.8-1.2m
 LF125-187. Length:125mm/4.9in
 WT:23.05g/0.8oz, Hook 2 x #2
 Dive depth:1.2-2.0m

Body length: 90mm/3.5in
 Wt:9.5g/0.3oz  hook: 2 x #6, 
 Swim action

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