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Osprey soft serrated body Perch swimbaits.
Swimbaits from 4-8in -Pg1C

Perch swim baits 10194
Perch swimbaits with Plastic lip
Code Length Wt Hook Size
LS10194-10 10cm/4in 32g/1.1z #28
LS10194-12 12cm/4.7in 34g/1.2oz #27
LS10194-16 16cm/6.3in 74g/2.6oz #24
LS10194-20 20cm/7.9in 138/4.9oz #24

soft body swimbait. Swimbait with a serrated body from 4-12inSwimbaits with jig and treble hook

Code Length x weight Hook
LWX5662-95 9.5cm/3.5in, 12.2g #6 x 2
LWX5662-115 11.5cm/4.5in, 18.2g #4 x 2
LWX5662-250 25cm/10in, 185g #7/0 x 2
LWX5662-300 30cm/12in, 318g #9/0 x 2

Perch swim baits 10266
Perch swimbait 
Code Length Hook size WT:
LS10266-12 12cm #3 32g
LS10266-16 16cm #2/0 72g
LS10266-20 20cm #3/0 134g
Perch swim baits 10266
Popper swimbait 
Code Length Hook size WT:
LWX5660-120 12cm/5in 1/0 16.5g

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Minnow swim bait 10103- Minnow swimbaits 
Code Length Wt Hook Size
L10103-7 7cm/2.8in 6g/0.9oz #5
L10103-10 10cm/4.0in 22g/2.2oz #1
L10103-15 15cm/5.9in 36g/4.0oz 1/0
Head make from hard plastic. Body soft silicone and highly elastic. When retrieve, the Ribbed soft body allows the body and tail to offer a life like wiggles..
Minnow swim bait 10103-1 Minnow swim bait 10103-2
Minnow swim bait 10103-3
Minnow swim bait 10103-4 Minnow swim bait 10103-7
Minnow swim bait 10103-6 Minnow swim bait 10103-8 

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