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Squid skirt with flipper gills. Squid skirt with flipper gills from 1.5 to 3.5 in.

  • Squid skirt with flipper grills available in bulk or in display pack.
  • Squid skirt Pigmented with UV. Halographic Plastic Gills.
  • Squid skirt with gill on each side of the head below the eye.
  • Flipper Squid skirt  an ideal item for sabiki rig or daisy chain rig.

 Osprey squid skirt with a plastic  gill on each of the head. Flipper squid skirt with halo gills for rigging

Flipper Squid skirt with gills from 2.5 to 4.5in.
Color patterns for squid skirt click on this link

Code NO Items Qty/pk
LOAF20012-2.5in 2.5in squid skirt with gills 5pc/pk
LOAF20014-3.5in 3.5in squid skirt with gills 5pc/pk
LOAF20016-4.5in 4.5in squid skirt with gills 5pc/pk
2.5in flipper squid skirt is also available in blister pack of 4pcs/ pk


Sub pags on squid skirt Pg1  Pg1B Pg2  Pg3  Squid patterns 

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