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Osprey squid jigs. Tubular glow ithe dark squid jig.
Large size commercial squid jig for fishing Octopus. Pg3

  Squid jigs -plastic body velvet finishSquid jigs-plastic body velvet finish
Code Stabliser wt Total Wt Overall length
SJSUM25 2.5g 18g/0.6oz 10cm/3.9in
SJSUM30 3.0g 22g/0.8oz 12.0cm/4.7in
SJSUM35 3.5g 26.0g/0.9oz 13.5cm/5.3in
SJSUM40 4.0g 30g/1.1oz 15.0cm/5.9in
SJSUM45 4.5g 34g/1.2oz 16.5cm/6.5in




  • Special feature; glow in the dark vinyl strip along the belly of the jig
  • Glow in the beads in front and back of hooks.
  • Bright chrome body squid jig in gold or silver.
Code Overall length overall wt.
LRE3 3.0in 17.2g/o.7oz
LRE35 3.5in 21.6g/0.9oz

* Fully chrome body in silver or gold and coated with a translucent pattern on the back.
*glow in the dark bead around hook
* glow in the dark- vinyl strip along the full length of the belly.-- this is a special feature that is most effective fishing for squid at night.


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Glow in the dark tubular squid jigs typ10 
Squid jigs-soft plastic body
Code Total Wt Overall length
TYP10 13.9g/0.5oz 8.5cm/3.3in
TYP11 20.8g/0.75oz 9.7cm/3.8in
TYP13 21.9G/0.8oz 10.0cm/3.9in
TYP15 44.1g/1.6oz 14cm/5.5in

Special large commercial squid jigs or Large Octopus jig

TYP1835 820g/30oz 260cm/10n
Spider deck length:18cm/7in
total nos of spider hooks:18

chrome body squid jig

Squid jigs-plastic body -color #1Squid jigs-plastic body -color#1


Stabliser wt

Total Wt

Overall length


2.0g 11.5g/0.4oz 9.5cm/3.7in


2.5g 15g/0.5oz 11.0cm/4.3in


3.0g 19g/0.7oz 12.5cm/4.9in


3.5g 26.5g/1.0oz 14.0cm/5.5in


4.0g 34g/1.2oz 15.5cm/6.1in


4.5g 40g/1.4oz 17.0cm/6.7in

 Squid jigs-plastic body DU 
Squid jigs-plastic body
Code Total Wt Overall length
SJDU7 10g/0.4oz 7cm/2.8in
SJDU8 12g/0.45oz 8cm/3.1in
SJDU9 14g/0.5oz 9cm/3.5in
Color patterns : use Model SJFG patterns
 Squid jigs-plastic body GY
 Squid jigs-plastic body  color#x5
Code Stabliser wt Total Wt Overall length
SJGYX30 3.0g 15g/0.5oz 10.0cm/3.9in

Color patterns fro SJFP
 Squid jigs color patterns P1 Squid jigs color patterns P2 Squid jigs color patterns P3 Squid jigs color patterns P4
            #p1                                          #p2                                    #p3                                   #p4

squid jigs pattern G1squid jigs pattern G2squid jigs pattern G3squid jigs pattern G4
           #X1                                          #X2                                    #X3                                   #X4
Color patterns fro SJGYX

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