Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Fishing lures on wholesale: Trolling lures , Jigging lead jigs, wooden popper, hard plastic wobblers , Rigs and sabiki. Over 600 patterns of Squid skirts on wholesale.

Your  One stop wholesale supplier of fishing lures

 Fishing lures supplier


Reasons why we are able to service you better. Wholesale Fishing lures is our speciality. Fishing lures for ocean and big games: trolling lures and lead jigs. Hard plastic fishing lures- crankbaits and swimbaits. Wooden poppers. Metal lures : spoons and spinners.

 Proven Quality products at a completive wholesale price to improve your sales  Premium grade items at a very competitive price. 
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One stop supplies for all your fishing requirements. No more logistic headache and save on shipping cost

We also handle make to order fishing lures under OEM 

osprey fishing lures from trolling to spinnersOur business commitment and altitude
We undertake to replace items if there is any manufacturing fault or Mistake in any items shipped.
All OEM production will be kept confidential.

we handle make to order customised fishing jigs and rigs Service and response
Effective communication.- Plant and operations might be in china/ BUT sales and management staff from Singapore, fully at ease in written and spoken English.
Email and fax might not be able to convey your ideas or instruction fully. A call to us and you will feel at home

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Wholesale Trolling lures with diamond shape head. 6-12in Trolling lures in super hard Poly carbonate
Poly carbonate trolling lures

Wholesale Trolling lures with Laminated color band head. Trolling lures available in various color tone
Trolling lures

 Wholesale Jet head trolling lures. Brass  and Alu. multi jet head trolling lures. Jet head trolling lures from 6-10in
Jet head trolling lures



Wholesale Jigjging lead jig. Lead fish jigging jig from 60g to 2000g.
Lead jigs

Wholesale Jigging lure. Jigging jigs with various type of skirts and teasers
Jigging Jigs

  • Manufacturer and wholesale of Fishing lures since 1997
  • Wholesale Fishing Lures make from soft gel or silicone.
  • Wholesale Hard PC through wire system crankbaits.
  • Wholesale Crankbaits. and swimbaits 
  • Wholesale Wooden poppers and teasers
  • Wholesale Steel and brass flasher spoons and spinners
  • Wholesale Trolling lures and Jigging jigs.

Wholesale Jigging lure. Jigging lrue with soft  plastic body.  Jigging jig with 100-200 g jighead
 Soft body jerk baits

Wholesale jigging dropper . Jigging jig in various dropper shape with skirts
Jiggiing dropper jigs

Wholesale Hard body swim bait. Swim bait  with multi split body with a  true to life pattern
Hard body jerk swim bait
Wholesale Swim bait soft body. Swim bait from 3-10in
Soft body swim baits

Brand Name Osprey Lures
We also handle make to order customised lures
as an OEM 
under private label 

Wholesale soft body swimbait with curly or fan shape tail.

Wholesale swimbait soft body from 2-10in
Serrated body swim baits

Wholesale squid jig. Squid jig with silk cover in more than 50patterns. Electronic squid jigs
Squid jigs

Wholesale Mouse crankbait. Also available frog, bee and grass hopper mini crankbaits.

through wire system crankbaits. Crankbaits for  ocean or game  fishing
Through wire crankbaits

split body wobbler from 2-4in



Wholesale Laser plated Squid skirts. Squid skirts with Uv from 1-16in
Squid skirts

Wholesale linker flasher. Wholesale Fishing spoons and spinners
Spinners and Jigs

spinner bait. Spinner bait with silicone skirt
Spinner baits



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